prioritising work

Work on Things that Matter

In corporate life, a lot of work gets generated or might come your way which has very little importance in the larger scheme of things, but, just because it is there, you do it or feel that you should do it. An approach like this could be very harmful to a professional looking to manage his time well. Do something only if it’s important and necessary. If it is not important, don’t waste time on it. Most organizations don’t have an abundance of time, energy, money and resources, so put them where they are most beneficial and incremental. When you do something, do it seriously, or else let it be. Don’t do it with only half a heart or with less focus or just because you think it needs to be done. You will not only waste time in doing something which is going to be poor in quality, but you will also not be doing something which could be important. If you are working on a product which is important for you, ensure that it is important and meaningful for your customers or team members and for others too, if they are involved. It is good to try out different things, but if you spend all your time in just trying things, you won’t be left with any time to actually do things. Ensure that there is logic and reasoning behind the things that you are trying, which will support the larger cause. Don’t leave everything to the result of the trial. If there is no work for you or for your team or colleagues for a while, spend that time in improvising on something existing, or on stuff like training, R&D, or maybe just a vacation .

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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