striving for excellence

Strive for Excellence , not Success

If you excel in something, you will automatically succeed in that. That is my motto. From one perspective, there is not much difference between working towards excellence and working towards success, but, from another perspective, the two are worlds apart. Excellence is permanent, success is temporary. When a person tries to excel in something, he focuses on doing things correctly and perfectly, to the best of his ability, not on doing things which would merely succeed. There are no shortcuts to achieving excellence; it involves working hard and long. When you work towards excellence, you don’t leave things to chance or to any other external factor. It is also the ability to stay agnostic of anything other than your own self, in order to achieve success.
Striving for excellence is pure because it is neither a competition nor a race; it is an individual’s journey to attain knowledge and to achieve perfection in something. I firmly believe that if you excel in something and if you have the talent for it and the tenacity to persevere in it, you will automatically
succeed in that field. At the same time, let us keep in mind that it takes time to achieve excellence, but it does not necessarily mean that everything which takes more time is excellent.
Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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