importance of numbers at work

Numbers Don’t Lie

Numbers don’t lie. They don’t have opinions, perspectives, flavors, versions, lookouts, assumptions, gut feelings, or anything like that. They depict one thing and one thing only. In all languages, religions, countries, companies, industries and businesses, 2 is 2 and 6 is 6. But ‘good’ can have 7.2 billion definitions.
I place a lot of importance on understanding businesses by using numbers, in fact, understanding every part of a business by using numbers. Of course, this does not mean that all decisions should be number-driven. I believe that the more you track your business using numbers and data, the more clarity and deeper knowledge you will have of it. This is popularly known as MIS (Management Information System) in the corporate world, I also believe that every professional should personally focus on the kind of MIS that is being used and made in the company. And if it works, then make a few more of them. Only one advice: if you are not using numbers to understand your business and to take decisions, you might as well rely on the planetary positions of the Milky Way to do so.

A strong suggestion: Learn to excel in Microsoft Excel. There is no better tool to play with numbers than that.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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