no decision is better

No Decision is Better than a Wrong Decision

Imagine you were suspected of having malaria and before it was confirmed, you started taking medicines for typhoid. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t even like to imagine that.

Leading a team is not only about taking the right decisions; it is equally about not taking wrong decisions. You can go wrong when you take incorrect decisions, but you can’t go wrong when you don’t take any decision at all. You might get delayed, but you can never go wrong.

Every company is always running against time and there is always a pressure to move fast and take decisions. On top of this, when there is a lack of resources across areas, taking incorrect decisions could cause a lot more harm than not taking one at all. Any decision taken with half-knowledge or a little knowledge is nothing but a big risk, whose eventual repercussion is unknown. Often in corporate life, people take decisions and change their strategy according to the way the discussion is going. Though I wouldn’t say that that is totally wrong,I certainly maintain that it is advisable to arrive at decisions after a lot of thinking and insight and then to implement them with confidence.

When you are on the horns of a dilemma, lie low and keep calm. Take decisions only when you have absolute clarity and you are ready to execute that decision.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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