Have a healthy personal life

Have a Healthy Personal Life

Your job is as much a part of you as anything else in your life. Many people make the mistake of trying to segregate their personal and their professional life, believing that what happens in one would not disturb the other. They couldn’t be more wrong because it is the same you on both sides.

It might work a bit where your subordinates are concerned, but that’s it. How you are in your personal life is how you will be in your working life. If I were you, I would give a lot of importance to ensuring that I was happy in my personal life irrespective of the stage and time in my professional journey. Quality work demands a lot of energy and stamina, as well as a fresh mind, all of which can come only if you are a healthy and happy person. You can do many things to be healthy, to ensure that you have the maximum physical ability to work for your company. But your most important contribution to your company is going to be your mind and your thoughts. And so, it is essential that you should be happy and have a clear and focused mind.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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