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Focus, Focus, Focus !

The saying goes, ‘One thing each time and that done well, is a very good rule, as many can tell.’ A lot of dedication and deep thinking are needed for working towards something great and in order to achieve that, one must have focus. Any kind of distraction from one’s eventual objective would hamper the work. Let me clarify this a little bit more: the focus should be on one task or, one problem or, one solution. Here, I am not referring to multitasking either, which totally depends on your and your team’s capability. In a company with deadlines , there is always a shortage of time on the job , for various reasons: a lack of resources; pressure to get things started; pressure to make money; and, most importantly, the need to prove something. This can sometimes drag you into getting defocused and to work on multiple things to determine which one will succeed. I can understand that, speaking practically, it sounds like a good idea, but defocusing will always hamper the quality of your output and, thereby, hinder the growth of the company. If you think that your plan or strategy is not working, shut it and work on a new one if you want to. But don’t try to run two plans at the same time.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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