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Find Some Space for Yourself

A professional ’s life is full of stress and strain. Your superiors, every team member, colleagues associated with the company will want your help with something or the other. Some decisions will continue to be taken by you and, thereafter, you will have to do the supervision of your team to make sure that the decisions are being properly executed , for which you’re be answerable to your superiors. Only after all of this, will you have a personal life, which you will need to maintain if you wish to live! In such situations, you will find very little time to just plain and simple think. Though thinking is a natural activity of the human brain and has nothing to do with any physical activity, you will not get time to think. Your thoughts and the time you spend in thinking about your future in the company and your career path are of paramount importance because all answers have to come from there. And the time you need for that cannot be random or left to chance. The deeper you can go into your thinking process, the stronger your thoughts will be and the better it will be all around. I might sound as if I were asking you to meditate, but trust me that, it should be nothing less than that. Find something that will take you away from your world and give you space to be just by yourself, think or talk to yourself. You need to have or find something that will help you put your thoughts together and nurture them. It could be anything you enjoy doing, such as running, music, movies, reading, travelling, driving, just lying around. At least once a month, take a day off from the office, go and sit in a restaurant or somewhere, anywhere you can find peace. Let your team know that you are on leave and that you should not be disturbed at all. Use that time to concentrate your thoughts on topics which your daily operations don’t give you time to think about.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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