working towards a better future

Every bad thing that has happened to you in the past has happened for a good reason which will become apparent in the future !

The person you are, will be the kind of working professional you will become and that this journey is going to have the greatest influence on your life. Hence, it is best that you be prepared for it on all possible sides.
On your journey, there will be a lot of things going wrong, many of which you might have imagined would go absolutely right, or were already going right, or were on the point of going right. In many of these situations, you won’t be able to find out why, how, or where they went wrong. 
Many things which went wrong might have been through no fault of yours—for example, recession or a crash in the stock markets—but ended up harming the economic stability of your customers and, hence, your company’s business, affecting your work life as a result.. There was nothing you could have done about it. At such times, it will help if you assure yourself that, maybe, something good is bound to come out of it in the future.
I do not mean that you should rely only on this and let anything and everything happen to your work surroundings and company consoling yourself that all would be better the next day. You have to continue as usual, trying to make things better. It is only when you are down and out and are almost without hope that you may think of this and look forward to better things in the future.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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