common sense at work

Common Sense

Most problems and issues are born because people either lack common sense or fail to use it. It is difficult to define common sense and what comes under that heading, but my favorite definition is: it is the basic level of practical knowledge and judgement which we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way. I believe that common sense grows and builds with the personal and professional growth of our lives. Hence, what comes under it would always be different for a ten-year-old kid and for a professional. The issue here is that as people grow, they don’t give much importance to common sense; they feel that work gets done with intense and complex problem-solving or that problems need bigger and more complex solutions. One factor of common sense is realization of any kind. Realization is nothing but something which you already know and which comes to the top of your mind, in a related situation.

As a working professional , I suggest you should talk about and stress the importance of using common sense in almost everything in your company , right from daily operations to all big decisions. It was only through common sense that Newton figured out the universal law of gravitation and Archimedes figured out his principle of buoyancy.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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