Short-term & long-term goals

Short-term vs Long-term

If a person only took every step correctly or only watched the road, he would certainly not fall while walking, but he might end

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make a change


Believe in making U-turns. In the context of our discussion, be willing to accept your mistakes, incorrect decisions and failures and to go back

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set the right target

Set the Right Targets

Everything in a company works towards targets or what I call an Annual Operating Plan. The growth of the company, the people, compensation, promotion,

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be a leader

Be a Leader

This is one  which has already been covered in millions of books and articles in the past. In my opinion: Leadership is not showing people

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focus at work

Focus, Focus, Focus !

The saying goes, ‘One thing each time and that done well, is a very good rule, as many can tell.’ A lot of dedication

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