be inspired

Be Inspired

We humans don’t know everything nor can we know it in the life span allotted to us. More importantly, we can’t get to know everything in the time span in which we need to know it. We learn best from our own mistakes—not from someone else’s— but it does not mean that we can keep on making mistakes and  yet become successful. One of the easiest ways of learning is to draw inspiration from things around you. Getting inspired is different from being taught or mentored or guided, all of which are specific to people and institutions, or specific to subject. It is keeping yourself open and available to anything which the world can give you and which might help you in any part of your life. You don’t go looking for inspiration, it just happens to you. You might want to learn something very specific but get inspired by something totally different. Inspiration depends on your ability to grasp things which come your way, without any indicator that they are meant for you. It is keeping yourself alert enough to pick up small, seemingly insignificant, lessons from your surroundings.

Inspiration is like a lifetime course that you can get free. As  a career-oriented professional , all you need to do is to keep yourself open to it. You must believe in it and accept that everything and everybody in this world can teach you something: your own work, customers, colleagues,team members, juniors, industry peers, books, others’ success stories and so on.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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