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To every Superman, there is a Clark Kent, for Batman there’s Bruce Wayne, for the Good Old Phantom there is Mr. Walker. I suspect these super heroes had these alter egos, to take a break from work, refresh, rejuvenate and be back in top form when work called. Similarly, each of us are super heroes, since we play multiple roles – colleague, peer, subordinate, boss, client etc. and it does not stop there! We are also children to our parents (does not matter how old we get ) and parents to our kids, we are a spouse to someone, a brother, a sister, a friend, a soul-sister and a soul mate too. Like our Super-Heroes, our work defines us, It also defines how the world at large sees us. Work is eternal, and perpetual in this digital age and that requires us to sort it out not only for ourselves but also amongst the teams we work with.

WorkApps Inc is a Global Business Productivity and Collaboration company, that uses technology to increase efficiency and productivity of individuals and teams.Productivity, Efficiency, Job satisfaction, Work life balance are aspects that have a deeper impact on us and those dear to us. Being better at our work is what all of us want and Blog@WorkApps, is a small effort to help us get there. It’s a blog where we curate stuff about some very simple, generic and yet important aspects of our work life that help us in becoming better professionals, better managers, better bosses and to create better workplaces.

My name is Sakshi Agarwal and I am the Editor for the Blog@WorkApps and my inbox is sakshi@workapps.com  !Read, share and spread the good word about good work!

Welcome to this space where Work’sAppening! Cheers!