be a leader

Be a Leader

This is one  which has already been covered in millions of books and articles in the past.

In my opinion:

  • Leadership is not showing people the right path, but helping people see the right path.
  • It is helping people be self-sufficient and rely on others only for inspiration.
  • It is about getting people to function as a team. Great leadership is not about managing a lot of people; it is about managing people correctly and having a happy team.
  • It is also personally being what you want to see in your team.
  • It does not mean making people adapt to your style of working; it is adapting to their style or finding a way whereby both working styles can be maintained and the delivery still remains perfect.
  • Leadership is not about demanding authority, it is about winning respect.
  • Leadership is about knowing when to agree with your team even if they are wrong, and when to lose against them.
  • Leadership is also not letting your team harm itself even if it means going against its wishes.
  • It is about taking the blame on behalf of your team in front of the world, but ensuring that it knows where it went wrong.
  • It means never taking the credit for anything that the team was involved in.

In the corporate world, leadership is often mistaken for the ability to get work done by people. In my opinion, leadership is helping people to do the work and do it better. One measure of leadership is the difference between the support which the team needed from its leader when he joined and the support it needed by the time when he left.

Written by Rudrajeet Desai

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